En tierra de dragones

En tierra de dragones
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In the faraway land of Mirabilis, the warlord Dragon-Eye has unleashed his terrifying forces to hunt down the source of all power, a legendary Crucible. With freedom hanging in the balance, a motley band of knights embarks on a dangerous mission to fight against the dreaded assassins, dragons and soldiers of Dragon-Eye and rescue their world from the clutches of evil once and for all.

Título original En tierra de dragones
Año: 2009
Género: Ciencia Ficción Fantasía
Elenco: Michael Heltay, Robin T. Rose, Christopher Lloyd, Adrian Hough, Peter Bryant, Julian Christopher, Gardiner Millar, Paulette Hinz, Ian A. Wallace, Gwynyth Walsh, Deanna Milligan, Dru Viergever, Stefany Mathias, Natassia Malthe, Mark Gibbon, Mackenzie Gray, Christopher Jacot, Leela Savasta, Brenna O'Brien, Heather Doerksen, David James Elliott, Matthew Shaw, Beatrice King.
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